3D Animation Studio

3D Animation Studio

3D animation usage is increasing and finding uses in newer and innovative ways. It is being widely used even in sectors like healthcare and real estate. A professional 3D animation company can create captivating animations that will help you elevate your brand over your competition.

There are several 3D animation studios in India but EDIIIE's animation team can address projects of all complexities. Our 3D modelers have an in-depth understanding of a game's anatomy and are adept at 3D characters design, environments and props for a wide range of game genres.

Connect with customers like never before with EDIIIE's 3D animation services. As one of the most cutting-edge 3D animation studios in India, it’s no wonder that our expert team is superb at working on intuitive and spectacular 3D Animation.

3D Character Animation

As a leading 3D animation company, we offer 3D character animation services for all genres of projects. Our 3D animation studio has churned out a dazzling array in 3D character animations.

Impeccably designed character animation is what sparks life into animated content. Advanced 3D animation studios like EDIIIE use the best technologies and practices to bring your characters alive for audiences.

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3D Character Animation Studio
3D enviornment animation

3D Environment Animation 

EDIIIE’s 3D animation studio has extensive experience in 3D environment modeling and design of varied styles along with immersive VR environments. Be it outdoor or indoor 3D environment animated scenes, ranging from forests to streets to rooms and buildings.

Our 3D environment artists have an insatiable craving to create 3D environment art of high definition, visuals that transport your viewers to exciting realms and universes. 

3D Props Animation

High quality built 3D props with the minutest attention to detail, will fuse the virtual and physical worlds, making animations more real–like. Every project requires its prop styles and this is worked upon to ensure flawless execution.

As a full fledged 3D animation agency, we provide value-added services for all three stages of the 3D animation development pipeline: Pre-production, Production, and Post-production.

3D Props Animation Studio

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By developing 3D animation services that can engage your audiences, increase conversions and monetise your vision.

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Why Choose EDIIIE for 3D Animation Services?

EDIIIE offers 3D animation for movies, 3D game development, videos and interactive applications. Our Animated 3 D models boast of technical mastery combined with refined artistic sensibilities. EDIIIE's animation studios are well equipped with a full-cycle animation team that have created high quality 3 D animations. Our excellent track record in storyboard, concept art, UI/UX has ensured awesome 3D animations for various applications.

Scalable 3D animation services

Established Industry Presence

We have a credible and established presence as a professional 3D animation company in India. Our clients have shown utmost trust in us and we have gone beyond their expectations to service them.

Time efficiency in animation

Scientific Practices

We follow a methodology devised after a complete understanding of requirements, market dynamics, budget, and timelines. Our in-house Quality Process ensures that we are compliant with the best industry practices.

Cost effective 3D animation studio

Cutting-edge technologies

EDIIIE stands out from other 3D animation studios in India due to our deployment of cutting edge technologies. Our innovative tactics and high-end technologies have enabled us to churn out awesome 3D animations.

Upgraded 3D animation solutions

Full-Cycle 3D Modeling

A thoroughbred, EDIIIE offers end-to-end services in 3D Animation. Our animation studios are world-class and our team is versatile and competent to provide the full range of services in 3D modelling for projects of any size and any genre.

User friendly

On-Time Delivery Pipeline

We are one of the unique animation companies that deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We offer transparent and well-organised project management to meet the delivery pipelines without compromising quality.


Extensive Expertise

Our 3D animation studios are state of the art. Our team is skilled, talented and highly professional. They have worked on various genres and are up to date with all the current trends and technologies to create superb 3D animations.

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