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Saas and its business applications

Software as a service (SaaS) is a cloud-based service that allows access to business data, applications, and digital services via any remote device. SaaS software companies offer a web-based model to business enterprises. The model enables software vendors to host and maintain the servers and databases that make up an application, and the service gets delivered over the internet.

SaaS development company offer SaaS applications on a subscription basis. SaaS applications serve essential business uses like project management and collaboration, unified communications, CRM, sales management, enterprise architecture analysis, managing human resources, and financial management. Apart from bringing convenience to the way a business operates, B2B SaaS companies in India can deliver maximum value in terms of accessibility, compatibility, upgradations, and top-notch customer service at lower upfront costs.

SaaS for Project Management: SaaS companies in India Are on the Go

Competitive business environments in recent years have led to the rise of SaaS based project management tools. The top SaaS companies in India offer project management applications with a comprehensive toolset to manage projects from beginning to end. The toolset includes cost and budget tracking, dashboards and custom reporting, document sharing and collaboration, project scheduling, online timesheets, resource management, task management, workflow management, contact management, invoicing, Etc. As a reputable SaaS application development company, EDIIIE offers SaaS applications that hold a significant cost advantage over traditional applications, high scalability, and convenience at once. Staying ahead of the curve, EDIIIE has made its mark in the project management software services through its in-house project management tool: Ojas. Ojas is a revolutionary tool that can manage increasingly complex and large projects with its comprehensive features can help your business gain a competitive edge.

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Benefits of saas for business

SaaS for Architecture Assessment

Another crucial application of SaaS is architecture evaluation, which helps enterprises and institutions to analyze a system’s capability to satisfy essential stakeholder concerns. Being one of the best SaaS development companies in India, EDIIIE has successfully translated architecture evaluation service into a ground-breaking adaptive assessment engine for the education sector. As one of the leading B2B SaaS companies in India, we help students accelerate their learning capabilities through KOMPASS. KOMPASS is a scientifically designed assessment tool to analyze students' skills and cognition levels through monitoring learning levels, performance analytics, learning-gap identification, and practical and individualized recommendations.

Our SaaS application development company's architecture evaluation model is interpretable for other industries and organizations. Like the best SaaS companies in India, we assist business organizations in identifying gaps, integrating operations, and achieving goals.

SaaS Application Development

On the e-commerce front, our SaaS software company has transformed the online retail store format by integrating it with powerful Augmented Reality technology. Through its latest offering InterioAR, EDIIIE, one of the finest SaaS development companies in India, has enabled retailers to build online stores. These online stores brim with interactive and scalable product displays on a subscription basis, using AR. Our SaaS application development services exclusively for the retail industry make it possible for retailers to virtually maintain an AR-enabled E-commerce portal.

EDIIIE is a proud SaaS development company. Our out-of-the-box Saas solutions are changing how businesses and industries streamline their processes build more substantial product offerings. As a loyal and one of the top SaaS companies in India, we aid business enterprises in achieving their goals.

Architecting SaaS for the enterprise

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EDIIIE’s cloud-based SaaS application development services are customized and designed to deliver maximum quality & satisfaction along with a plethora of benefits:



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Time efficiency

Our in-house services and applications are ready for quick software deployment, maximizing work and time efficiency.

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Our hardware and software licensing costs are significantly lower than the traditional service models and other SaaS development companies.

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We ensure frequent updates and new releases of our applications and solutions, customized to suit your business needs.

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Our tools and applications are easy to use and implement and have been designed using the best industry practices.

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