Impactful sound design

Impactful sound design

Impactful sound design is not separate from the game or screenplay. It boosts the experience and the player's sound perception is blended in with the happenings on the screen.

Sounds are given to characters, objects and the environment through music, foley or voiceover all that harmonise to extract the right feelings from the player.

There are several sound design companies in India but EDIIIE stands out from the noise. Our sound artists are highly skilled and qualified to create mesmerizing sound for your games or other requirements

Our facilities, team, systems and processes will infuse your projects with the right mix and create a distinct sonic identity for your brand or project.

Sound Design Agency

EDIIIE is India’s most versatile and creative sound design company. Our sound design services follow a scientific methodology combined with the most inspirational and impactful artistic skills.

We follow a transparent process with research, experimentation and technology to offer a high definition end product EDIIIE creates tailored audio and iconic sounds across the range of audio media.

The variety and range of sounds can include characters, creatures, aliens, bleeps, blips, weapons, explosions, foley, whistling, breeze, and many more.

Our sound design for games offers a full range of sound design services that harmonise with the impressing visuals and are tuned to the likings of the target audience.

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Original music composition

Original Music Composition

As a one-stop sound design company, creating sound design for 3D game development, we provide comprehensive music composition, scoring and orchestration services that serve all genres and styles.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of music composition services from symphonies to electronic beats, film scores, or incidental music.

Our versatile composers are a team with expertise in their niches and form the backbone of the various music compositions that spring from our studios.

Sonic Branding

We create sound assets through our sonic branding services that allow a distinct sonic identity to a brand or object.

Our sonic team is adept at integrating elements from environmental soundscaping and diverse musical skill sets to offer sonic identity or branding.

For video games, our sound design experts ensure to provide unique and catchy sounds for characters, aliens, weapons, breezes, explosions, journeys, and many more.

Sonic branding
Voice over

Voice Over

We offer total voice production including voiceover, casting, directing, recording and editing, while adhering to high-quality standards. Finding the right voice can make all the difference.

Our network of VO artists' is commendable and trustworthy, enabling us to find the perfect fit for any project.

Hire professional and trustworthy voice over artists for your project from EDIIIE.

Audio Post Production

We offer full-cycle audio post-production services for all project sizes and complexities.

Our services include sound supervision, editorial, dialogue, foley and mix services for sound design for games and videos.

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Environmental Soundscaping

Environmental Soundscaping

We have the expertise to deliver captivating soundscapes for physical environments through the harmonious and digital blend of music and atmospheric sound effects to offer an immersive experience.

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EDIIIE‘s curated sound design services are a mix of talent, expertise, and technique. We stand for unequalled quality and professionalism.

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Full-Service Sound Design Company

Our service portfolio as a sound design company is all-inclusive. We are a full-fledged audio post-production studio offering services from sound design, sound effects, audio programming and technical design support to post-production to create unique soundtracks tailored for every project and genre.

Time efficiency

Creative Team

We house an incredibly talented and creative team of sound designers and composers, who are experts at interactive audio. The team is passionate and brings that into all their creations.

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State of the Art Studio

Our studio is fully set up with advanced technology and sound systems to offer cost-effective and world-class audio branding services.

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Systematic Approach

Our work is systematic and we work as per the design document. This brings in structure and helps assimilate organisational, content, technological and technical issues into a homogenous blend to work seamlessly as per budget and timelines.

User friendly


A customer-centric approach is our mantra and has allowed us to serve our customers to their utmost satisfaction and establish strong connections.


Established Industry Presence

We have a credible and established presence as a professional sound design agency. Our sound design for games services have an impressive clientele and has won us the trust and loyalty of our customers

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