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MVP Consulting

The dApps market is tremendously evolving. Sometimes, it seems daunting for enterprises to upgrade their services per market trends.

The dApp development experts of EDIIIE always remain focussed and up-to-date on the emerging dApps market trends.

We will analyze your decentralized app development idea, revealing whether the idea will see success or fall on the ground. We will pin down the possible stakeholders and define technical components to advise the right blockchain platform suitable to your business requirements.

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dApp Design

dApps offer extreme transparency and security to businesses. Decentralized applications enable companies to enhance the trust of their end users. Whether e-commerce or a decentralized app, innovativeness, and artistry always matter in app design.

When it comes to designing dApps, our developers penetrate even the remotest corner of their heads to create frontends with.

When it comes to Dapp designing, we create intuitive, simple, and engaging frontends to ensure exceptional user experience.

We adopt top-notch technologies to offer interactive and well-structured designs of dApps. We guarantee high-quality decentralized application design with the highest accuracy.

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dApp design
Exchange Development

Exchange Development

Decentralized exchanges are reshaping the way of trading and business operations. It offers unprecedented scope to start-ups and established enterprises to drive their business to digital success.

A decentralized exchange differs from a centralized exchange in many ways. However, the most prominent one is that decentralized exchange eliminates the requirement of having a middleman to assess and complete transactions.

With smart contracts at their core, decentralized exchanges are undoubtedly the paradigm shift in digital commerce.

EDIIIE's expertise in advanced technologies and in-depth blockchain knowledge make us your most reliable partner in decentralized exchange development. We design and develop scalable and customized DeFi exchanges meeting our client's demands.

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dApp Maintenance

Our job continues beyond dApps design and development. Our dApps Development Services also include dApps maintenance.

Our dApps developers offer end-to-end maintenance services after delivering your project.

Our post-project delivery maintenance service ensures our clients about the safe and flawless running of the dApps. We provide timely upgrade services to prevent any potential Dapp downtime.

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dApp Maintenance
dApp Marketing

dApp Marketing

With enterprises becoming more conscious about the beneficial values of decentralized applications, the dApps market is becoming noisy and cluttered.

We help you cut through the noise using our cross-channel marketing programs.

We strategize our marketing campaigns around your target audience to help you gain a competitive edge.

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dApp Consultation

Our dApp development experts stay updated on the emerging dApp market trends, helping you assess your idea’s prospects of success.

We offer thorough guidance on your project’s technical and business aspects and help you select the right blockchain platform for development.

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dApp development
Smart Contract Development

Smart Contracts Development

These days, smart contracts can transform how companies make agreements. Smart contracts are relevant in multiple industries, from telecom, healthcare, real estate, and manufacturing to supply chains and more.

EDIIIE is an experienced smart contract development firm with sheer expertise in developing smart contracts tailored perfectly to diverse industries and business models.

Our skilled smart contract developers know precisely what it takes to create an outstanding computer-based protocol to automate business agreements.

We also help companies to optimize their existing smart contracts to support their desired business functions.

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Decentralized Gaming Apps

EDIIIE holds a particular room of expertise and creativity for game development. We create next-generation decentralized video games on the pillars of advanced technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, NFT, blockchain, 3D modeling, Etc.

The extensive knowledge in game design and development, advanced technologies, and advanced game development tools like Unity, Unreal, Etc., we build interactive decentralized gaming applications supporting the play-to-earn model.

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Gaming App
dApp porting

dApp Porting

Apart from dApps design, development, and integration, EDIIIE experts offer support for dApp porting.

We will allow your business application to migrate to a reliable blockchain platform seamlessly.

Our dApps porting service will meet your security, scalability, and stability needs without affecting your business.

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