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Augmented reality trends

Top Augmented Reality Trends 2023: New Milestones to Achieve

Augmented Reality (AR) is among the brilliant technologies making science fiction a reality. Holograms in science fiction movies like Star Wars, Marvel series, Etc., have been cheering the minds of audiences for years. And now, AR is providing a novel immersive experience beyond simple entertainment.

From gaming to education, real estate to e-commerce, Augmented Reality has proved itself as a powerful tool to fight off business challenges. In other words, people are getting surrounded by immersive experiences like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Augmented Reality trends in 2023 are making the moves swiftly. For businesses, it has become crucial to invest in Augmented Reality development. Consequently, there has been a surge in the popularity of VR companies worldwide.

  • The AR industry worldwide will thrive at $ 90.8 billion by 2028. (Globe News Wire)

It is not all, though. The demand for Augmented Reality solutions will rise around the emerging trends.

  • Almost 1.7 billion mobile AR user devices will thrive worldwide by 2024. (Statista)

Hence, It is crucial o to keep an eye on Augmented Reality trends to learn where the industry is heading. Here we will discuss the business benefits AR delivers across industries and the powerful AR trends driving the world insane.

Benefits that Augmented Reality Trends Deliver to Businesses

The following are the most significant benefits Augmented reality trends deliver to Businesses:

1. Engaging Customer Experiences

Augmented Reality solutions enable companies to access creative avenues. These creative avenues level up their customer experiences. AR plays the role of a bridge between the real world and the virtual world.

AR superimposes digital elements on top of real-world components. It will form a creative interactive user experience. So, it definitely increases the user experience.

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2. Offering a Competitive Edge

Various brands offer similar products and services on the digital landscape. AR solutions allow brands to present their products/services uniquely.

It will differentiate the brand's appearance. It aids companies in seizing their audience's attention instantly.

3. Effortless yet Effective Corporate Training

Virtual corporate training or we can say Metaverse corporate training has proved itself more effective than conventional. It is the best time to embrace AR-driven corporate training. 

AR-powered training modules enable employees to participate in the training actively. It will improve their training experience. Employees will learn with the highest efficiency.

4. Remote Assistance

Augmented Reality facilitates remote assistance. Employees can collaborate virtually from remote locations and work as a team. AR connects field workers by combining audio and video elements. AR also helps in enhancing workplace safety.

The Top Augmented Reality Trends 2023 

Now, let's dive into the top Augmented Reality trends in 2023 and beyond to see how the technology will allow businesses to achieve new milestones:

1. Indulge in the Metaverse

It brings no surprise that technologists will use Augmented Reality to carve out the metaverse. The goal of metaverse development technology is to break the barriers between the physical world and the digital world.

Since AR can display digital objects superimposed in our physical world, new opportunities emerge for businesses and consumers.

2. AR Live Stream Shopping

Live stream shopping is nothing new to the world. It is hitting popularity around China. And now, western countries are fallen their heads over the heels of AR live-stream shopping.

AR Live Stream Shopping

  • The live-stream shopping market in China will generate $500 billion by 2022. (Forbes)
  • It is true that in the USA, live-stream shopping has just taken off. But, it will thrive to $57 billion by 2025 in the US market. (Forbes)

Brands increasingly use e-commerce applications and social media platforms to promote and sell products and augmented reality is one of the top social media trends nowadays. Influencers showcasing products and their usage are leading these shoppable live streams.

Amid the craze, AR-integrated live stream shopping will blow the horn of the new phase of live stream shopping. The AR-integrated try-on live-streaming shopping platforms will allow shoppers to make more logical decisions regarding the purchase. 

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3. AR-Powered Non-Fungible Tokens

Metaverse is undoubtedly a big wave in the technological space. From blockchain to Non-Fungible Tokens, there are several components of the metaverse. Talking of NFTs, there is hardly any question about their validity and efficacy in the metaverse world. NFTs are crucial in terms of both how we get into the metaverse and what we can own there.

AR-powered NFTs will find their way into the metaverse from shopping, gaming, education, and collaboration. AR NFTs seem to become the latest version of NFTs, magnifying their functionality and efficacy.

As we know, NFTs are one-of-a-kind digital assets pivoting around art and music to limited edition t-shirts and sneakers. AR-powered Non-Fungible Tokens allow users to get themselves into an immersive experience, for instance, wearing digital armor, dress, Etc.

Final Words

Both today and future, beyond 2023, AR technology holds enormous potential beyond these three Augmented Reality trends. The more companies will understand the effectiveness of Augmented Reality development, the more AR use cases will emerge. It is just a matter of time.

Moreover, once customers understand which products will seem ideal, they will embrace AR-driven purchasing decisions. Most importantly, AR technology is a newly-bloomed one. It has room to grow and flourish.