3D character Conceptualization

3D Character Conceptualization

It always begins with a concept. Without a vision, characters never get formed. Designers will never become able to attribute the feelings to the right emotions. Since characters are one of the prime assets of a video game, character conceptualization and formation must sound meaningful and relevant to the gameplay.

So, for 3D video games or animated videos, character conceptualization is essential. Although character ideation does not directly link to the gameplay, it always seems crucial for game design and development. For a 3D animated promotional video also, characters play a pivotal role. Top-notch and visually aesthetic characters hold the potential to make the video viral, seizing the attention of the targeted audience at first glance.

EDIIIE is a leadning 3D animation comapny that holds an excellent team of 3D animators who are creative, innovative, and technically sound 3D designers. We will listen to your ideas first if you have any. Otherwise, we will develop aptly suitable and relevant character concepts for your gameplay.

3D Character Animation

3For video games, characters are the heart of the gameplay. While 3D character modeling gives the character shape, 3D character animation brings animated or 3D-modeled characters to life.

Besides video games, 3D character animation services are a cost-effective solution to promote products and services. It cuts off the expenses of live-action commercials while doubling the efficiency.

3D animation brings characters to life. 3D character animation with minute detailing is what makes our characters stand out in a crowd. Like a reputable and experienced 3D character design studio, we accomplish the character rigging to make it the most suitable for your video game.

3D character animation with precise detailing makes EDIIIE experts stand out in the crowd. Our 3D animators will choose animations according to the character's ideation and characteristics. We will add multiple animations to your characters to ensure your audience will never get tired of them.

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Character Anatomical Animation

Anatomical animation lets EDIIIE experts visualize characters' internal structures and anatomical motions. We will accurately portray characters' internal anatomy with accuracy leveraging muscular and skeletal animation techniques.

In addition, our experts will also analyze the game environment or the background of the promotional video to make the characters bets-fitted.

Facial Animation Of Characters

For an Unity 3D game development project or promotional videos, characters' facial expressions mean a lot to the audience. Facial expressions mirror the emotion and moods of characters.


Our facial animation service focuses on technics and tactics for generating and animating 3Dmodels of character faces. We can adapt our service for feature films, computer games, communication, education, and scientific simulation.

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Incorporating Immersive Technologies In 3D Character Animation

For both game development and business enterprises, 3D character animation proves a seemingly beneficial tool to generate revenue. People always fall their heads over the wheels for 3D animated characters. So, 3D character design and development is the way to boost brand value and strengthen customer relationships.

EDIIIE is a technology connoisseur company. We do not only visualize, design, and develop 3D animated characters; we blend them with the latest technological evolutions. EDIIIE 3D character designers and modeling experts will infuse your 3D character models with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Your 3D characters will become more interactive and realistic, enhancing your marketing campaign. The interactive emotional mechanism of influence will make your products fly off the shelves.

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EDIIIE Experts never leave any stone unturned to infuse 3D character animations with technological advances to expand the impact along with other benefits:


Customized 3D Character Design

EDIIIE offers customized character animations according to our client's business requirements.

Time efficiency

Experienced 3D Animators

We have taken pride in being able to deliver quality 3D character animation services for years.

Cost effectiveness

Top-Notch Technologies

We leverage top-notch and the latest immersive technologies like AR and VR to incorporate them in 3D character animation. It will make the animation more interactive and attractive.

Upgraded solutions

Robust Reputation

Our track record of project work is outstanding. You will never regret handling your project in our hands.

User friendly

Outstretched Scalability

The high-tech and supreme realistic character models enhance the scalability of video games, explained videos, and films.


Data Security

EDIIIE will never expose your project details to anyone. We ensure high data security for your 3D character design project from any copyright infringement.

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