Custom 3D Character Model Design

Custom 3D Character Model Design

3D character modeling is the advanced graphic design technique that 3D modelers follow to create 3D digital representations of objects and characters. 3D modeling experts use specific software to shape and enrich the character models with detail.

EDIIIE holds an excellent team of 3D modeling professionals who design and develop 3D character models per our client's requirements. Our 3D modelers can develop 3D rigged character models for 3D rendering and animation videos, video games, product promotions, Etc. We can create 3D character models in both high and low poly.

We know that characters are the backbone of a game development project. EDIIIE 3D character modeling professionals leave no stone unturned to create life-like characters for video games. We make 3D characters design that breathe life into video games.

From creating cartoon characters to ultra-realistic 3D character models, EDIIIE modelers always focus on quality.

Conceptualization of 3D Character

It begins with the character's idea or concept in your mind.

EDIIIE 3D character modeling experts will understand what our clients want first. Then we will try to figure out the character's purpose and the backdrop setting.

After gathering all this information, we proceed to develop the concept art of 3D characters. The concept art of the 3D character will evoke the main characteristics and emotions of the character.

Conceptualization of 3D Character
3D Character Modeling for Video Games

3D Character Modeling for Video Games

For three-dimensional video games, a character is crucial to ensure success. Characters are the heart of the gameplay, and they need to remain visually attractive throughout the gameplay.

EDIIIE 3D character modelers are experienced and expert professionals to design and develop characters for 3D games. Whether action games or RPGs, we will develop the concept art of the characters and put soul into them. Whether you have a layout or not, our 3D modelers will transform your visualization into 3D illustration and character models.

3D Character Model Development for Advertisement

Realistic and alluring 3D characters allow marketers to leverage 3D modeling technology in crafting extremely approachable advertisements. Incorporating 3D characters into promotions and marketing campaigns lets marketers make the audience view their ads differently.

EDIIIE learns about the marketing goals first from our clients. We then craft 3D character models to help them to make their marketing campaign robust.

3D Character Model Development for Advertisement
3D Character Models of Living Characters

3D Character Models of Living Characters

Besides giving shape to your visualization, EDIIIE 3D character modelers are experts in developing 3D models of living characters.

Provide the right image and references for the characters. Leave the rest to us. We will develop a three-dimensional replica of real-life characters.

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EDIIIE offers innovative, creative, and best-in-class realistic 3D character modeling services along with plenty of benefits:


Latest and Advanced Technology

We, as a We are a bunch of technically sound 3D character modelers, possessing a great deal of knowledge in the latest and advanced technologies. With our technical ability and creative agility, we create 3D characters for games, branding, marketing, and advertisements.

Time efficiency

Proper Conceptualization

If you have not developed the concept yet, there are no issues. We will understand your requirements first and then produce the concept art for you. The concept art will depict the character exactly as you want.

Cost effectiveness

Ensuring Hyper-Realistic Characters

Our 3D character modeling specialists design and develop hyper-realistic 3D characters to shape the imagination of our clients.

Upgraded solutions

Outstanding Output

We sketch, draw, blend, match, and develop 3D characters using the best techniques. We ensure to provide you with an outstanding 3D modeling output.


Focusing on Detail

We always focus on the minute details of your visualization to design the perfect 3D character you want for your project.

Upgraded solutions

Meeting Business Need

Our 3D character modelers give great importance to project highlights. We create high or low poly 3D character models per our client's business goals.

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