Character Concept Art

Character Concept Art

It all begins with a concept.

Video game conceptualization does not necessarily link the core gameplay. The ideation is equally significant for game asset designing and development. While talking about assets, characters are the heart of the gameplay. Unless a video game exhibits meaningful and impactful characters, the gameplay may not hit the right chord of the gamers.

Our creative and technically sound 3D designers hold the potential to design and develop high-tech and visually aesthetic 3D characters for your game. We will understand what you or your game requires. Second, we will analyse our 3D environment modeling where the characters will get implemented. Based on this fundamental evaluation, we will develop the concept of the 3D character design. The idea of the characters will convey the characteristics and emotions of the character.

3D Character Animation

3D animation brings characters to life. 3D character animation with minute detailing is what makes our characters stand out in a crowd. Like a reputable and experienced 3D character design studio, we accomplish the character rigging to make it the most suitable for your video game.


We hold senior 3D animation experts on board who spark excellence while dealing with 3D character design and animation. We add various animations in character to ensure it will never freeze in your world. Of course, our experts choose the range of animations according to the character characteristics.

3D character modeling
3D Character Modelling

3D Character Modelling

Whether it is a 3D explained video, film, or video game, character modelling is crucial for the entire 3D character design. Character modeling includes modeling, unwrapping, rigging, skinning, texturing, and morphing the 3D character.

The rich textures and detailing boosts maximum realism in the character models. It is a piece of cake for the experienced and talented 3D character modeling experts of EDIIIE to convert character concepts into beautiful character models.

Being a client-centric 3D character design studio, we interpret character descriptions, employ out-of-the-box technologies, and turn them into captivating simulation models within less time. Our experts are profound in 3D organic character design or designing a replica of a living character.

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Bringing Immersive Technologies and 3D Character Design Closer

3D character development happens to be the most effective marketing tool for business houses. 3D animated characters always stay loyal in strengthening the customers' relationship with the brand. For instance, if your company promotes products exclusively for kids, create a friendly smiling character as your brand representative. It will boost the brand value.


Besides being a reliable 3D character design studio, EDIIIE is a technology connoisseur company. The technologically sound EDIIIE 3D character designers and modeling experts will blend your 3D character models with immersive technologies like AR and VR. Your characters will become interactive, enhancing your marketing campaign. The interactive emotional mechanism of influence will make your products fly off the shelves.

Bringing Immersive Technologies

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EDIIIE always take the extra mile to blend 3D character design projects with technological advancements to deliver the exceptional and impactful outcome followed along with a line of benefits:


Customized 3D Character Design

Like any other renowned 3D character design studio, EDIIIE offers customized character design and modeling per the client's technical requirements.

Time efficiency

Enhanced Scalability

The high-tech and supreme realistic character models enhance the scalability of video games, explained videos, and films.

Cost effectiveness

Peerless Modeling Expertise

The infinite creativity and technological expertise of our 3D model professionals always help us deliver top-notch character models beyond customer satisfaction.

Upgraded solutions

Data Security

We ensure high data security for your 3D character design project from any copyright infringement.

User friendly

High-Tech Infrastructure

Our team of designers, illustrators, modelers, animators are skilled professionals who use advanced tools and technology to enhance creativity in every modeling assignment.



Our quality assured services are easily accessible from any Internet-enabled device and location.

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