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Turnkey Solution For Education

Turnkey solutions are the high-tech framework that makes the design and development of products and business processes seamless. Turnkey learning solutions accelerate the learning pace of employees as well as students.

EDIIIE offers Turnkey educational solutions for schools, parents, individual students, and other children development organizations. We aim to refine the teaching-learning experience. Our Turnkey solutions company promotes quality education, transforming the learning challenges into inspiring and captivating experiences for the learners. Our educational turnkey solutions consist of robust strategic planning, curriculum planning, and other operational supports across schools and colleges.

Our turnkey experts go the extra mile to ensure a fine blend of technology and curriculum to make a solid and meaningful learning experience. We are breaking barriers in the education sector with our development expertise in Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, and Cry Engine. In addition to this, we have a collection of more than 3000 simulations and HTML5 learning games in Construct 2, Construct 3, Cocos 2D – X, and Phaser.

Turnkey Solutions for Construction and Real Estate

The critical areas like Roads, bridges, mass houses, industrial estates, Etc., hold a massive exposure for turnkey solutions implementation. Since the implementation and integration of turnkey solutions accelerate and organize an ongoing business process, the construction and real estate industry can advance its business operations quickly.

Augmented reality development, virtual reality, and mixed reality are the three pillars of EDIIIE's turnkey foundation. Our expert design and develop complete construction industry solutions, channelling powers and innovation through immersive technologies. From space identification, designing, building, planning for long-time facilities to hiring contractors, our turnkey solutions company covers them all.

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Manufacturing Turnkey Solutions

Technology adoption and process automation are nothing new to the manufacturing industry.

In the realm of manufacturing, turnkey solutions are a compact package. They are the end-to-end solutions allowing the manufacturer to process the business operation at a high pace. Turnkey manufacturing solutions will enable the manufacturer to oversee any phase of the business operation, from product design, production, quality assurance to packaging and shipping of products.

We design and develop customized and high-tech turnkey manufacturing solutions as per our client's predefined requirements. We provide immersive technology-powered turnkey manufacturing solutions for design, engineering, packaging, and shipping. We aim to help the clients meet the present manufacturing market demands effortlessly.

Power Plant Turnkey Solutions

For the power industry, EDIIIE offers 360-degree turnkey solutions harnessing the power of immersive technologies. We have already designed solutions for power plant control and monitoring.

The R-driven solution enables experts to conduct the quality check and maintenance of the plant even from a remote location.

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Ceaseless innovation and technological advances let EDIIIE shower benefits on our clients' business operations through turnkey solutions:


Interactive Experience

Virtual simulation and Mixed Reality create compelling and interactive turnkey applications.

Time efficiency

Enhanced Learning Outcomes

Educational turnkey applications fine-tune the student's learning process and the employees' training abilities within a virtual environment.

Cost effectiveness

Customized Solution

We provide cutting-edge and holistic turnkey solutions according to our client's business needs.

Upgraded solutions

Cost-Effective Solution

We provide cost-effective turnkey solutions improving business processes, production, and ROI.

User friendly

Reinforce Brand Value

High user experience brings the customers closer to brands. It reinforces the brand value among the audience.

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